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emu swamp

Old Church Emu Swamp





Emu Swamp



The foundation stone for The Old Church was laid on 11th October 1871 and completed in 1873. Emu Swamp Church was the first Church to serve the Lewis Ponds, Fredericks Valley and Emu Swamp districts from 1873.


The architect, Thomas Rowe (1829 - 1899) was responsible for the architectural plans for Prescott Hall and the Founders Wing at Newington College, Sydney Hospital, and Petersham Town Hall. Rowe was born in Penzance, Cornwall and at 15 he became a draftsman in his father's building business before the family emigrated to Australia in 1848. From 1857 he practiced as an architect in Sydney, Bathurst, Orange, Newcastle and Goulburn.  


The Old Wesleyan/Methodist Church at Emu Swamp operated from 1873 to 1975 and has been successfully extended twice as a home without overshadowing the clarity of the original structure. It has been enlivened recently by extensive works to the surrounding gardens and extension interiors. The consistency of these works makes The Old Church both a pleasing example of modest colonial ecclesiastical architecture for passers-by and a comfortable home for its inhabitants. 

The Chapel Stone is acid volcanic basalt rock, known as tuff. Tuff is a local stone and from a distance resembles yellowblock.

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