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Supporter Membership

Individual Membership

Supporter benefits include:

  • discounts of up to 30% on our carefully curated program of open houses, lectures, walks, talks and tours

  • exclusive early presale ticket access to a number of HHA events throughout the year 

  • exclusive member-only competitions and offers

  • discounted stays at heritage holiday properties

  • 10% off at the HHA online store

Annual prices membership for Individuals:

Individual $82 / concession: $62 

Household $149 / concession: $99

Property Membership

Property memberships are for owners and custodians of historic houses, offering a wealth of supportive resources,
whether the property is private or open to the public. 

Properties can be of historical importance for social, cultural, aesthetic or architectural reasons.


Benefits of a Property Membership include:

  • belonging to an advocacy and lobby group, which can provide advice and support on a goverment level

  • joining the Significant House Register, along with heritage homes across Australia

  • connecting with industry experts and other owners to share knowledge and experiences

  • cross-promotion with historic gardens and corporate, charitable and educational bodies

  • access to the Trades Network, a heritage specific professional trades group with unique services for repairs or refurnishings

  • advertising on the HHA website, social media channels and newsletters regarding events or activities on your property 


Registration as a member of the Property Network is $80 per year.

Property Membeship

Trades Membership

The HHA recognises the importance of traditional and heritage trades in the ongoing conservation and maintenance of historic properties.

​Trades Membership of the HHA is available to those tradespeople and companies who practice traditional construction and repair techniques, engage in rare or ‘lost’ craftsmanship, or work with historic properties or collections.


Benefits of Trades Membership include: 

  • members will be entered on to the HHA online register with images, logos and links to websites

  • New members will be announced in the HHA monthly newsletter and via social media

  • Trades Members will be offered the opportunity to speak at certain HHA events

  • Members will be connected with property owners who need unique repairs and services

Registration as a Trades member is $50 per year.

Trade Membership
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