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Tarndwarncoort - Warncoort

Tarndwarncoort at Warncoort was one of the earliest established properties in western Victoria. The first part of the present Tarndwarncoort homestead was designed by Alexander Dennis and built in 1848-9. It was a two storey symmetrical house with no verandah, made of coarse local freestone rubble in a colonial Georgian style, with a shingle roof and with eaves coming down low over the first floor windows, reflecting early nineteenth century English rural architectural traditions. The 1877 addition is architecturally significant as a refined and notable example of the work of prominent Colac architect Alexander Hamilton, who designed the homesteads, as well as more utilitarian buildings, on many Western District properties.

(Victorian Heritage Database)

Today you can visit Tarndie Heritage Sheep Farm and discover a long Australian story all to do with sheep.

Open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm visitors will find:

Farmgate Woolshop
Farm Walk
Homestead Gardens

Uncover bespoke yarns in the Woolshop – naturally coloured and hand-dyed yarns made with 100% Polwarth wool grown on the farm and turned into felting tops and yarn for craft.

Take a self-guided ramble around the Farm Walk and see how a working sheep farm operates, and find glimpses into the Homestead’s past.

Visit the Tarndie website


Georgian Colonial 


Warncoort, VIC