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Stone Cottage


South Australia



German ancestors of the current owners travelled from Birdwood in SA to the Alma Park area where they settled on this property in 1887 and the house "Osocosy" would have been built shortly after.

There aren’t any similar buildings in the immediate area but a few remnants of those which may have been made in a similar style. There is a gravel pit/quarry on the property and there is an out crop of volcanic rocks, so it is believed that the stone would have been sourced from there. There would also have been a lot of Murray Pine growing here which would have been used for the timber posts, and wooden frames.

Originally the house had a galvanised roof with a rolled verandah on all sides. There are 4 main rooms as well as a kitchen that has a rather unusual servery into what is presumed was a living room. The original verandah was sold about 35 years ago and since that time, the building has deteriorated, with the roof falling in. Unfortunately, thieves have helped themselves to door knobs, the mantle around the fire place, and other metals and details. 


There is a lot of historical significance given the movement of the German settlers from SA to this area in the late 1800’s and that this is one of the few stone houses in reasonable condition.

The property has been used for photo opportunities for weddings but is on private property. The owners hope to restore the building restored to its original state for use as a B&B or private museum. The HHA will be following the progress of this restoration and keep you updated with developments. 

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