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Kilgour - Longford



Georgian Regency





The earliest European land grant for the land 'Kilgour' sits on was made to William Woodard by Governor Macquarie in 1814.


The main house (circa 1835) evolved out of an earlier cottage first built in the 1820's and is of double brick with stucco finish construction. A large one room addition to the right-hand side of the house was added in the early 1900's to house a full size billiards table. Kilgour particularly stands out due to its wooden Regency fretwork which frames three sides of the house.

There is nothing to conclusively date the construction of ‘Kilgour’ as we see it today. But we can assume that it was built prior to 1840 as the building appears in a Henry Mundy painting of the town of Longford held by the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Launceston, dated ‘prior to 1840’.

When reviewing the interior style, a number of signs point to a construction date of around the late 1820s to mid 1830s.

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