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English Arts and Crafts Houses, Gardens and Collections

5-21 May 2023

A fully escorted tour led by Dr James Broadbent AM.


This study tour of England will focus on the Arts and Crafts Movement. Arising from the polemics of William Morris and John Ruskin and assuming its name from the Arts and Crafts Exhibition of 1888, the Arts and Crafts Movement surely and quickly transformed the architecture, garden design and decorative arts of late 19​th​ Century and early 20​th​ Century Britain. It remains a significant influence in contemporary design. 

Our tour encompasses the work of the Movement’s major designers – including William Morris, Philip Webb, C.F.A. Voysey, Charles Robert Ashbee, Detmar Blow, Gertrude Jekyll, Edwin Lutyens, Ernest Gimson and the Barnsley brothers – visiting major examples of their work in the Home Counties, the West Country and the Cotswolds. 
As with all the HHA study tours there are also visits to many important but smaller and more unusual places and to houses, gardens and collections not normally open to the public. 

Read the full itinerary here.

To book email or call the office on 20 9252 5554


Historic Houses and Gardens of Ireland - Part II South from Dublin  

3-17 June 2023

Following his popular 2018 Irish tour, north from Dublin to Belfast, Dr James Broadbent is leading a second tour starting again in Dublin but travelling south through the counties of Kilkenny, Waterford, Cork, Kerry and Limerick visiting ancient sites, historic gardens, landscapes, “ruins in demesnes deserted”, private country houses and public museums.

From Edwin Lutyens’ formal Heywood Gardens to Harold Peto’s Italianate island garden of Ilnacullin, the Victorian exuberance of Bantry House and the cottage quirkiness of Boyce’s Garden; from romantic Lismore, a seat of the Dukes of Devonshire, and the Marquis of Waterford’s grand Curraghmore to Rothe House, a merchant’s townhouse of the early seventeenth century and from the sad, picturesque ruins of Duckett’s Grove and the preposterous gate lodges of Ballysaggartmore, our visits, as usual, range from the impressive to the eccentric. All tell the story of the country and its culture.

Read the full itinerary here.

This tour is fully booked. 

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