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Hamilton Weston 


Wall coverings and Fabrics


Sydney-based but Australia-wide

Agence distributes the Hamilton Weston wall coverings and fabrics from the UK.

Our reproduction Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian wallpapers decorate historic homes, elegant restorations of treasured buildings and period film, TV and theatre sets.

Collected, recreated and curated over many years, our rich archive of original fragments include designs reworked in contemporary colourings, whilst being faithful to their provenance and originality. Some of these include reproductions from homes such as Jane Austen's and JWM Turner.

These unique papers have formed the basis of our own wallpaper collections since the 1980s. Fabrics have also followed suit and are as equally as beautiful.

In addition to this, Hamilton Weston have also collaborated with several artists; Flora Roberts in particular has some beautiful papers that are worthy of historical homes.

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