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Durham Bowes

Durham Bowes


Colonial Georgian





The building, also known as Dight's Farm, is an early Colonial Georgian homestead built from 1804 to 1870 by Lewis Jones and James Vincent.

The original two-roomed sandstock brick cottage with mud/shell mortar and plaster has a corrugated iron roof, central chimney and original joinery and dates from c. 1804. The original kitchen with a large fireplace and a bread oven was added pre 1812. This single storey section has brick floors covered by concrete.

The 1812 and 1820's two storey additions are sandstock brick with mud/shell mortar and plaster, with a hipped corrugated iron roof and an asymmetrical single-storey verandah. The verandah's iron roof is supported by tapered hardwood octagonal columns over Marulan stone flagging. Internal joinery includes a built-in cupboard (1812), cedar chimney pieces and hardwood flooring with handmade nails.

Unusual features include a mock chimney on the west end to achieve Georgian symmetry and nine pane sliding sash windows in the upper storey. (View the listing on the NSW Heritage Register)

Learn more about the current restoration works here. (June 2022)

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