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Baddeley Cottage 


Ex-Post Office

Colonial cottage





Baddeley Cottage has served as a residential and commercial property since it was built c1850. The cottage was home to three generations of the Baddeley family from 1865 through to 2004. All three generations made significant contributions to the local community relating to education, the arts, sports, economic development, employment and much more. From 1873 through to 1881 the south wing of the cottage served as the Pambula Post Office during the tenure of Charles Baddeley as Post Master. The previous history of the cottage was unknown until new owners, Deb & Mike Dunn, uncovered evidence pre-dating the arrival of the Baddeley family. 


Prior to 1865, the cottage was known as the ‘Post Office Store Panbula’ and was owned by Robert Beck. Mr. Beck operated a general store at the site from 1858 through to 1861 when he was appointed Post Master following the death of Sym Covington. He then held the role as Post Master until he sold the property in 1865 to Charles Henry Baddeley. The two-room cottage (under pitched roof) was used for residential purposes and let to a Mr Plowright from 1858 through 1865. It is understood that Robert Beck purchased the property from Charles Robertson who was the original owner. Charles Robertson, a builder from Scotland and his wife came to Pambula sometime in the 1840’s to build Oaklands Homestead Panbula and the Kameruka Homestead for the Walker family.

The cottage also includes an annex which can be booked via Airbnb.

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