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Alloway Bank








Alloway Bank stands on the lands of the Wiradyuri Nation. In 1822 Governor Brisbane granted 2000 acres (809 ha) to Captain John Piper and his son John Jr. Piper’s house was completed in 1829, with a dairy and flower gardens. 


Piper was forced to sell to the Suttors (of Brucedale at Peel) in 1845; patriarch George Suttor died here in 1859. Alloway Bank was held by William Henry Suttor Sr (1805–1877) and Jr. and other members of the family until 1888. 

The house, rebuilt in 1872 was designed by architect Matthew Henry Sadleir (1836–1872). Bizarrely, the house had its second story with seven bedrooms and staircase removed in the early 20th century, and the entrance moved from west to south, so the house is now covered with a typical Edwardian gabled roof. The kitchen and bathrooms have been modernised. The stables and grooms’ quarters have been extended and altered, but the majority of the stalls are mostly intact, including the pebble floors, wooden feeding troughs and stall dividers.

The first Bathurst Races were held at Alloway Bank in 1833 and the first Bathurst Show held here in 1863.

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