Blue and Yellow Modern Artisan Parties a
Blue and Yellow Modern Artisan Parties a

Sin and the City 

Tuesday 20 April

Colonial Sydney was built on crime. It was the criminal acts of convicts committed half a world away that provided its first labour force and even its first government architect; raising a city from the ground.  


As Sydney grew throughout the nineteenth century, so did the amount of crime that was committed from within. It lurked in the laneways, it peppered the newspapers and it often ended at Darlinghurst Gaol with the hangman’s noose. Some of these crimes were horrific and drenched in blood. Others were crafty and left more mysteries than clues. Many were never solved and countless have been forgotten.  


Join Sydney historian Max Burns-McRuvie for ‘Sin and the City — true tales of crime and debauchery from Sydney’s peculiar past’. Max will present a live storytelling session accompanied by tailor-made cocktails that are inspired by the tales and characters he will narrate on stage.  


Drawing from local newspapers, journals and court records that span a century and a half of Sydney’s colourful and often notorious criminal history, this presentation will focus on acts of vice and villainy that have occurred within a city radius of the Kent Street heritage precinct. 


Wes and Allison Harder set the mood with soulful and juicy songs from the 20s, 30s and 40s.
Allison is an experienced vocalist with a background in blues, soul and contemporary jazz. Wes has performed extensively as piano/keyboardist for Blues, motown, soul and jazz bands. 


Enjoy jazz and swing with some cool blues for grooving at ‘Sin and the City’.

Please note: This is an outside courtyard, all weather event. Please bring appropriate clothing/umbrellas.

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Doors open at 4.30pm with a welcome complimentary cocktail.

Choose from our signature cocktails: The Stormy Charlotte, Mr Peacock's Punch, or The Thirsty Soldier.

Wes and Allison Harder: 4.45 - 5.30pm
Max Burns-McRuvie talk ‘Sin and the City’ – Part A: 5.30 - 6.15pm
Wes and Allison Harder: 6.15 - 6.45pm
Max Burns-McRuvie talk ‘Sin and the City’ – Part B: 6.45 - 7.30pm


Guests are invited to stay on to enjoy quality eats and drinks from the Sily bar. 


General Tickets:$65

Member Tickets: $55 (save 15%)

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Blue and Yellow Modern Artisan Parties a