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Mandeville Hall - Toorak

Mandeville Hall is one of the most lavishly-decorated of Melbourne's 19th century mansions. The first house to be built on the site, St George's, was a two-storey brick residence of 12 rooms constructed in 1869 for Alfred Watson, a prosperous Melbourne merchant. Joseph Clarke acquired the property in 1876 and engaged Charles Webb to undertake additions which gave a boom style extravagance to the more austere, classical appearance of the earlier house and which increased its size to 30 rooms. The ornate facade and front portion with grand entrance hall and conservatory, oak parlour, Indian room and exotic bathroom date from this period.

It is a lavish example of the work of Charles Webb, and illustrates the development of the Italianate style as a form of architecture expressive of the wealth of Melbourne's elite. 


The building was acquired by the Loreto Sisters in 1924.

(Victorian Heritage Database)

Public tours of Mandeville Hall are conducted regularly.

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Toorak, VIC