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Juniper Hall - Paddington

Juniper Hall is believed to be the oldest surviving mansion from Governor Macquarie’s time. It was built by emancipated convict Robert Cooper in 1824 to fulfill a promise to give his third wife Sarah the ‘finest house in Sydney’. Juniper Hall is home to the Moran Arts Foundation and the backdrop for the Moran Prizes exhibitions each year.

Most of the fabric including joinery has survived substantially intact from the first half of the century and demonstrates the impact the new fashions of the 1830s had on earlier houses as well as contemporary domestic economy. It has been an early focal point in Paddington and has considerable townscape significance (Kerr and Menzies, 1982).

Juniper Hall is located at:
250 Oxford Street, Paddington


Open: As per the Moran Arts Foundation Exhibitions calendar. 




Paddington, NSW